Barack Obama Tweets Mom

In an effort to raise campaign cash for his reelection, President Barack Obama recently offered himself up as first prize in raffle called "Dinner with Barack." Then, for a $5 donation, dog-loving supporters were given the opportunity to help fill the President's campaign coffers by tossing a virtual three-year anniversary bone to First Pooch Bo. One thing's for sure -- when it comes to making the most of dogs and dinners, Obama for America certainly knows how to shake the fundraising money tree. Now, with Mother's Day comes another unique opportunity for Americans who support Barack Obama to donate to his reelection campaign.  When and if they do decide to chip in, every contributor who has a mother will be automatically registered to "win for ... mom or a special mother in [their] life," a gift she's always dreamed of. And no, it's not a Ron Popiel Pasta Maker; it's not even an edible fruit arrangement in a watering can. This year, many Barack Obama supporters will be gathering...(Read Full Post)