Annan in Damascus as the slaughter continues

Another 41 civilians were killed by President Assad's troops on Sunday, just hours after the UN Security Council condemned the Syrian government for the Houla massacre of 109 men, women, and children near Homs on Friday. Annan can properly be seen as a successor to Saint Jude - the patron of lost causes. He is in Syria trying to breathe some life into the peace plan that Assad isn't even pretending to follow any more. Reuters: Peace envoy Kofi Annan condemned the killing of at least 108 people in the Syrian town of Houla as "an appalling crime" on Monday and urged President Bashar al-Assad to prove he wants a peaceful resolution to the crisis racking his country. U.N. monitors say at least 108 people were killed, among them dozens of children. Many of the victims were also hacked to death or shot at close range, as shown in graphic images distributed by activists. Assad's forces killed at least 41 people in an artillery assault on the city of Hama, activists said, ...(Read Full Post)