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On Monday 43 different Catholic institutions filed 12 separate lawsuits against Obama's HHS mandate requiring them to fund contraception, sterilization, and chemical abortions. The story has even greater impact than it appears at first glance because one of the institutions suing Obama is the University of Notre Dame, the same university that was derided by many Catholics for having Obama as a commencement speaker. In an election year where Obama needs to retain the Catholic vote it would seem newsworthy that the most famous Catholic college in America has moved from giving the President an honorary degree to suing him. Yet as of Wednesday morning the network nightly news coverage has totaled 19 seconds. ABS and NBC haven't mentioned the lawsuits and CBS devoted 19 seconds to the issue. This during what is clearly a slow news cycle since ABC devoted time to sleep apnea--an important but not time critical issue-- and Katie Couric's assessment that Queen Elizabeth's hat was...(Read Full Post)