A'Jad calls Israel 'an Insect Challenging Iranian Nation'

"Sticks and Stones..." I suppose it's an improvement over "pigs" and monkies" - two other bric-a-brats he's tossed toward Israel in the past. I just wonder if the western left will call him out for using "eliminationist rhetoric": "Israel is nothing more than a mosquito which cannot see the broad horizon of the Iranian nation," Ahmadinejad said, addressing a large gathering of the Iranian people in Khorassan Razavi province, Northeastern Iran, on Saturday.He reiterated that the Zionists accompanied by their western masters have long attempted to impede Iran's progress through ballyhoo and by leveling different accusations against the Iranian nation, but to no avail."Our enemies know that if Iran can maintain the same speed in development of the country, it will become a developed country and they will no more be able to challenge us," Ahmadinejad said.Israel and its close ally the United States have recently intensified their war rhetoric against Iran. The two arch foes of the...(Read Full Post)