A Giant Passes

My friend and generous mentor, the historian and fearless human rights activist, David Gerald Littman, died yesterday, May 20, 2012, succumbing to acute myelogenous leukemia, after a stoic, typically intrepid struggle. In addition to amassing his own unique and prodigious output, David was a devoted husband and champion of the pioneering scholarship of his wife of 53 years, Gisele Orebi, better known under her nom de plume, Bat Ye'or. Despite stultifying modern taboos, together, the Littmans worked indefatigably to educate humanity -- non-Muslim and Muslim, alike -- about the genocidal living legacy of jihadism. David's remarkable personal biography melded first-rate, original scholarship, with uniquely erudite and brave activism -- combined efforts spanning over 50 years. For example, Littman was the driving force behind the daring 1961 Operation Mural (chronicled in this  55 minute documentary). Mural was Mossad's code-name for David whose cover was a public-school-educated...(Read Full Post)