A Command Level Case of Stolen Valor

Anyone who checks in at the This Ain't Hell command post on a regular basis is all too aware that the first sergeant there suffers neither fools nor phonies gladly. Well I have a guy who qualifies as both that I think is deserving of the first sarge's wrath. This phony hero's a bit different because he doesn't mis-wear a special operations uniform with multiple rows of improperly worn, unearned ribbons. He doesn't claim to have been a P.O.W. although there are some gaps in his questionable travels regarding unexplained time overseas and he takes pains to hide his history right from birth. What he does do that is so typical of phony heroes is try to take credit for the combat exploits of others, true warriors who meet, engage and defeat the enemy while this phony is living well, thousands of miles from the hardships of the battle zone. Another trait he shares with the legions of phonies out there is the love of the camera and being in the public eye, bragging about his wartime...(Read Full Post)