A Black Guy at the Dallas, TX Tea Party Rally

A big, well-dressed black guy attended the Dallas, TX Tea Party rally with his white buddy.  Both men missed my singing performance on stage minutes earlier.  I asked the black gentleman, who had an impressive physique, how often he worked out.  He replied, "Every day."  His white buddy said with a chuckle, "He thinks the Tea Party is racist." I went into explaining to the black man that these people could not care less about Obama's skin color.  They, along with me, disapprove of what Obama is doing -- his policies.  I gave a brief laundry list of things Obama is doing which go against what I believe to be right as an American and a Christian.  The black gentleman silently listened.  I gave him my business card and encouraged him to visit my website. But folks, I must be honest.  I felt annoyed.  This black man came to the rally with his white friend.  They were surrounded by people waving American flags, laughing, smiling, and...(Read Full Post)