59 dead in 2 suicide car bombs in Damascus

The fact that most of those dead are from the Syrian security forces means that one of the terrorist groups fighting the Assad regime - including Al-Qaeda in Iraq - was probably responsible for the blasts. Reuters: The near-simultaneous explosions hit the al-Qazaz district just before 8 a.m. (0500 GMT), residents said. One punched a crater three meters (10 feet) deep in the city's southern ring road. Bloodied corpses and body parts could be seen on the road. State television also showed at least one overturned lorry. Walls of buildings on each side of the avenue had collapsed. One resident reported limited damage to the facade of the nearby Palestine Branch Military Intelligence centre, one of the most feared of more than 20 Syrian secret police agencies. The huge walled complex was the target of a 2008 bombing which killed 17 people and which authorities blamed on Islamist militants. Some residents said access to the section of ring road near the Palestine Branch was...(Read Full Post)