Zimmerman's media lynching continues

In this racially charged case, a man charged with the crime of defending himself is being tried, found guilty and strung up by the media. Figuratively. Second degree murder charges were leveled based on the prosecutor claiming that the accused, George Zimmerman was stalking Trayvon Martin. Never mind that the stalking statutes require a pattern of following the victim and this was a one shot deal. Also, how many stalkers call 911 to tell the police that they are stalking somebody? Putting that aside, a Jeff Black article posted on MSNBC.com typifies why Zimmerman is swinging from a tree in the court of public opinion (emphases throughout are mine): "Seminole County Circuit Judge Jessica Recksiedler took herself off George Zimmerman's second-degree murder case on Wednesday because of a possible conflict of interest." The conflict of interest is that she is up for re-election and this is a political ticking time bomb. "The new judge on the case is Judge Kenneth Lester Jr., a...(Read Full Post)