You furnish the sound bite, I'll furnish the (race) war

The most infamous instance of "Yellow Journalism" occurred when newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst allegedly said to his field-correspondent, the artist Fredrick Remington, the following: "You furnish the pictures.  I'll furnish the war".  The Spanish-American War shortly ensued.   Last week, against the wishes of a local NAACP leader in Orlando, Al Sharpton lead a demonstration in Sanford Florida to "Escalate" racial tensions over the Treyvon Martin killing.  Could the MSNBC Television News Host Reverend Al Sharpton -- purportedly in his role as liberal-approved "race leader" -- be privately offering his corporate boss, Obama Administration-functionary Jeffrey Immelt, a 21st Century update of Yellow Journalism in order to influence the 2012 elections?  This occurred to me when I learned that NBC has mounted an internal investigation to discover who was behind a selectively-edited version of the 911 call that made George Zimmerman's remarks to...(Read Full Post)