Yemen's main airport closed after attack

Yemen's transition to life without President Ali Abdullah Saleh is not going smoothly. The military is restructuring its command, largely to rid itself of cronies and relatives loyal to the former president. Several have already lost their jobs and one of them - former air force chief Mohammed Saleh al-Ahmar - took his demotion very personally and has attacked the airport in Sanaa. CNN: Al-Ahmar, the half-brother of the former president, was given a new position as assistant to the minister of defense in Friday's presidential decree, but has refused to leave his air force post. The officials said he threatened to cause chaos if three opposition military officials are not removed from their military posts along with him. The airport was not allowing flights to arrive or depart the country due to the tension, according to security officials at the airport who wished to remain anonymous. Friday's shakeup was announced in a statement by a spokesman for the Yemeni Embassy in ...(Read Full Post)