Will EPA Crucify Consumers, Too?

EPA regional administrator, Al Armendariz, was in hot water this past week for his embarrassing Romanic/Soviet slip about how he really feels about petro-capitalism. We lumpen-proletariat of New Mexico are quickly learning that he pretty much feels the same way towards us. Most of the state's electrical consumers get their power through Public Service Company of New Mexico's (PNM) coal-fired, San Juan Generating Plant, located in the sparsely populated, Four Corners region of the state. Since the Obama Administration took power, the EPA and its Region 6, Imperial tribune, the aforementioned Albius Armendarius, have been issuing draconian edicts from on high regarding the forty year old plant and its future. It's no secret that the greenies in the Democratic Party would like to feed the entire coal industry and coal-fired utility plants to the lions. And as Armendariz' crucifixion comments demonstrate, their way of doing that is unapologetically forceful, apparently similar to their...(Read Full Post)