Why the Left Loves the Titanic Disaster

The Titanic sank exactly 100 years ago today - a disaster exploited over the years by Hollywood and the ideological left. Their narrative bears little resemblance to what in fact happened in the early-morning darkness of April 15, 1912. The Titanic storyline embraced by left-leaning filmmakers, writers, and university professors is right out of "Das Kapital." To them, the disaster happened because heartless capitalist put profits ahead of human lives. They falsely claim that this is why the Titanic had too few lifeboats. Above all, leftist ideologues vilify the Titanic's rich first-class passengers. They falsely claim they got first crack at lifeboats -- and as a consequence, passengers in second class and steerage died in large numbers. In this interpretation, the Titanic's legacy was not about women-and-children first. It was about first-class passengers going first. This false narrative was embraced by filmmaker James Cameron in his 1997 epic...(Read Full Post)