Walmart heroes

Wal-Mart employees -- often the butt of jokes and derided by the left -- were heroes in a very dangerous and tragic situation in Austin the other night. They disarmed a man who had just struggled with and shot to death a police officer. See excerpt, below, from Austin American-Statesman. And it seems that some private citizens rushed to action when a Navy jet crashed into an apartment complex in Virginia Beach last night. I read about things like this often, and I sense it's an example that civic engagement values and citizenship are not in nearly as bad shape as many (mostly conservatives?) would suggest. Might be a blog or article here.   From Statesman: During a Friday's afternoon news conference, Acevedo said that when Padron entered the store, loss prevention officers pointed out the suspect, later identified as Daniel. He attempted to flee, and when Padron pursued him, a struggle ensued, Acevedo said. Both men fell to the ground, and Daniel pulled...(Read Full Post)