Top 3 candidates disqualified in Egyptian presidential contest

The already confused race for president in Egypt just got a lot messier. The Supreme Election Commission has ruled that the top three candidates were ineligible to run in the elections next month. The ousted candidates include former Mubarak vice president and head of intelligence Omar Suleiman; Muslim Brotherhood party official Khairat al-Shater; and the radical Salfis TV preacher Hazem Salah Aboul Ismail. The Muslim Brotherhood, in anticipation that al-Shater might be barred from running, is fielding a second candidate, Mohammed Morsi. He is not as well known as al-Shater and this has dimmed prospects for an Islamist victory. Suleiman didn't get the required number of endorsements, al-Shater was convicted of a crime during the Mubarak years, and Abu Ismail's mother was briefly an American citizen before she died in 2010. All of these issues were grounds for disqualification. But the Wall Street Journal reports there's trouble a-brewing in the Egyptian street: The...(Read Full Post)