The U.N.'s bloody hands in Haiti's cholera epidemic

Cholera once was unheard of Haiti. That changed when  hundreds of United Nation's peacekeeping troops from Nepal arrived, following  Haiti's deadly earthquake on January 12, 2010.   Since then, a deadly cholera epidemic has been ravaging Haiti  - an epidemic linked months ago to sewage spilled from a poorly constructed  Nepali U.N. base and into a river tributary. The scientific evidence has been  irrefutable on that.   Yet today, 17 months after the first case of cholera, the U.N.  remains in a denial mode about its role in the world's worst cholera  epidemic. Tens of thousands of Haitians have died or been sickened, many as  they went to streams to bathe, wash clothes, or brush their teeth. Yet the  U.N.'s attitude has been like what you'd expect from, say, a despotic Third  World despot who is accountable to nobody.     "We don't think the cholera outbreak is attributable to  any...(Read Full Post)