'The Ugly Brutishness of Modern Britain'

The land of Shakespeare and Chaucer whose culture and values gave rise to the "Anglosphere" -- the world's most successful nations -- is being taken over by slobs. So says social critic Theodore Dalrymple in a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed about how "incivility and bad behavior" have become pervasive in Britain. It's gotten so bad, he writes, that up to 50 percent of the population is thinking about immigrating abroad "to escape the other 50 percent of the population." Dalrymple, the pen name of retired British psychiatrist Anthony Daniels, recounts a recent experience at a bus stop when he asked an obese teenager to pick up some food he'd thrown at a friend but that instead almost hit him. "Shut the f--- up!" the enraged youth snarled. Dalrymple writes: What has caused this collapse of civility in Britain, which was, within living memory, a civil country? In my view, it is a demotic version of egalitarianism, allied with ...(Read Full Post)