The Truth About Bag O' Bones Barack

It used to be that the only distinguishing physical feature belonging to Barack Obama the public could monitor was whether the President's telltale grays seemed toned down on Monday morning, whether Sunday might be "Just for Men®" touchup night in the White House private residence. Now the American public has another physical measure to mull over, and that is whether or not Obama's famous swimsuit six-pack has turned into an emaciated non-pack.  From the looks of things, it appears as if Barack Obama is turning into Barack O' Bones, which is causing some concern that the weight of the Presidency may be taking its toll on the President's health. Pictured recently on the campaign trail in the Sunshine State, rather than his usual hale and hearty self, Obama appeared to be "extremely tired and frail." However, before terror strikes at the heart of the Obamanation, Americans should realize that the reason for such a drastic change in the President's appearance could indicate many...(Read Full Post)