The Reverse Pelosi Rule

Nancy Pelosi famously declared, "We must vote for (Obamacare) to find out what's in it." With so many federal departments and agencies running off the rails from scandals and from utter arrogance by their public servants, and in view of our astoundingly large government debt, I propose the reverse of the Pelosi rule, as follows:  "We have to eliminate agencies and departments to find out whether we need them." If we are unsure whether a given agency or department is doing more harm than good, or if there is a question whether it is needed at all, then simply disband it, fire all of its employees, and then find out whether it is actually needed.  Take note if and how much private citizens complain about the absence of government.   If necessary, then restart (with all new people) whatever small part of the department's functionality is necessary to address their specific concerns.   After a decent interval, whatever does not get restarted in this way...(Read Full Post)