The Race Card Wins Ugly in Louisiana

On April 12 I warned about the race-baiting campaign ahead in a blog titled, "Mitt Romney's Preview of Coming Attractions." I detailed shameful racial flyers posted by Monroe, Louisiana Mayor Jamie Mayo's supporters, but many of the comments from that article expressed disbelief in the authenticity of these flyers or played down the susceptibility of voters to such overtly racist attempts at influence. Well, the elections results are in, and they aren't encouraging. In my original article, I included pictures of the following flyers posted in select Monroe neighborhoods in support of Mayor Jamie Mayo's reelection effort.   These offensive and overtly racist campaign materials were discounted by many of those who commented on my original article as being unbelievable and so over the top as to be ridiculed by voters who would surely shun any candidate who employed such blatantly racist materials. Mayor Mayo, a black Democrat, embraced President Obama during his campaign and...(Read Full Post)