The Obamacare decision will play into the class warfare campaign

The nation's capitol remains a buzz after last week's oral arguments in the Department of Health and Human Services v. Florida, also known as the Supreme Court battle over the legality/illegality of ObamaCare. While we wait with bated breath for the Court's ruling, expected in late June, regardless of the decision, it will launch an epic class-warfare effort by the Obama reelection campaign ahead of the November election. Suppose the law is upheld in its entirety, a frightening thought indeed, but a possibility nonetheless. President Obama has already, in a rather rare move by a sitting president, begun lobbying the Supreme Court via a recent press conference that any basis for overturning his law would be "unprecedented". President Obama, if the law is upheld, can and will then claim that the ruling is a victory for the "have-nots", "disadvantaged", and "poor" of this nation. He will paint himself as the champion of these people versus his ultra-wealthy and likely GOP foe, Mitt...(Read Full Post)