The Left is Losing the Media Wars

The leftist media overstructure -- the network of committed individuals and institutions that keep the media narrative congruent with the goals of the left -- is starting to self-destruct, devouring itself with headstrong recklessness, ego, and inability to understand the strength of conservatives and their ideas. The left is taking serious casualties in the Zimmerman affair. Two lefty media operatives lost their jobs, we learned late Friday afternoon. Heads are rolling in the wake of failed attempts to politicize the death of Trayvon Martin. At NBC, a producer has been fired.  And now Media Matters senior analyst M.J. Rosenberg, having humiliated the organization, is leaving the Soros-funded media bully outfit. reports: MJ Rosenberg, who also got into hot water for mistakenly accusing the Drudge Report website of racism in coverage of the Trayvon Martin case, announced Friday on the Media Matters website that he was "striking out on my own with a brand new...(Read Full Post)