World Bank Mischief

The Jerusalem Post and many other media outlets around the world have just reported that the World Bank is going to donate 55 million dollars to the West Bank and Gaza to strengthen public institutions and promote growth in the private sector there, both of which are seen as essential to a future Palestinian state. This is a complete waste of money. Its much worse actually. It ignores and denies reality, history and religion and is really tantamount to the World Bank flushing 55 million dollars down the toilet. What public institutions is the World Bank talking about? Surely not an independent judiciary and legal system, an apolitical, merit-based civil service, a democratically elected government, a free press, a constitution that guarantees freedom of thought, expression and religion and limits the power of the state over ordinary people's lives , an apparatus that enforces the constitution and prevents it from being abused and other institutions which are indispensable to a free,...(Read Full Post)