Talks with Iran on nuke program underway

It's been 15 months since Iran and the P5+1 powers sat down to discuss a way to avoid a military confrontation over Iran's nuclear program. No one is expecting the talks, that got underway in Istanbul today, to make much progress in that regard. But there are some atmospherics that are different. Reuters: The talks, in Istanbul, the first between Iran and the six powers in 15 months, are unlikely to yield any major breakthrough but Western diplomats hope to see readiness from Tehran to start to discuss issues of substance. That, they say, would mark a big change in Iran's attitude from the last meeting when it refused even to talk about its nuclear program and could be enough for scheduling a second round of talks next month, possibly in Baghdad. Such an outcome could, at least for the time being, dampen speculation that Israel might launch military strikes on Iranian atomic sites to prevent its enemy from obtaining nuclear arms. The morning round of talks were "completely...(Read Full Post)