Syria 'partially observes' UN backed cease fire

They aren't shooting at anyone - yet. But even though the guns in Syria have fallen silent for a few hours, the terms of the UN cease fire agreement are not being implemented by President Assad. The truce calls for the Syrian army to pull out of towns and cities where they have been relentlessly shelling civilian neighborhoods for weeks. That hasn't happened, which leads many experts to believe that the cease fire won't last. Reuters: Syrian troops held their fire in the hours after a U.N.-backed ceasefire took effect at dawn on Thursday, casting a silence over rebellious towns they had bombarded heavily in recent days. But streets in troubled towns remained nervously empty. An exile opposition spokeswoman said three people had been killed during the morning by security forces, and dozens more arrested. But the lull did little to convince opposition activists and Western powers of President Bashar al-Assad's good faith in observing a peace plan agreed with international...(Read Full Post)