Signs and wonders for the Obama faithful

You can tell they are desperate in Chicago at Obama reelection headquarters. After 3+ years of abject failure, Obama supporters could use a little encouragement. Signs that the guy who scorns those who cling to the guns and religion enjoys some sort of blessing. No need for God to be involved. The search for omens ends up in a glass of beer. And not the usual way, either. Check out this email blast from the campaign:   Normally, liberals love to snicker over people who claim to see the Virgin Mary on a wall or Jesus on a potato chip. But the campaign logo in the dregs of a beer glass? Why it must be a sign from Gaia! One can only hope that this new angle -- call it signs and wonders for the bitter clingers to Obama -- is embraced by Obama himself. Send Joe Biden out to disembowel chickens and read the auguries in the viscera! Perhaps he could spot the shape of a Chevy Volt in the intestines. Or maybe a Solyndra logo. Realizing that their candidate has turned into an electoral...(Read Full Post)