Secret Service, military caught up in prostitute scandal

It should be said at the outset that none of the Secret Service personnel who were sent home following revelations that several agents and guards brought prostitutes back to their hotel rooms were part of the elite presidential protection unit. They were apparently part of the routine advance team that makes all the security arrangements prior to the president's arrival. Both special agents, and members of the Uniformed Division were involved in the scandal that apparently started when one agent refused to pay a prostitute. In addition to the Secret Service, 5 members of the military were also implicated in the incident. Politico: The Secret Service confirmed Saturday night that 11 of its staffers assigned to the trip have been placed on administrative leave as the investigation proceeds into dealings between prostitutes and U.S. government personnel preparing for President Barack Obama's arrival at the Summit of the Americas in Colombia. "The nature of the allegations, coupled...(Read Full Post)