Romney leads in Pennsylvania

Will Rick Santorum drop out of the race rather than lose his home state? The Hill: But one of Santorum's close friends told The Hill that while the former Pennsylvania senator remains confident about winning his home state and using that to build May momentum, if that confidence falters, he might exit the race. Pennsylvania state Sen. Jake Corman (R), a longtime friend of Santorum and his family, said if it appeared Santorum wasn't going to win the state, the former senator could drop his campaign. "He's a realist; he doesn't have his head in the clouds," Corman told The Hill. "As long as he sees a pathway to the nomination he's going to stay in it, but he won't stay in it to prove a point. If he gets to the point where he doesn't think he'll be the nominee, he'll get out." As if on cue, PPP released their latest poll from Pennsylvania showing Romney surging into the lead: Mitt Romney's taken the lead in PPP's newest poll of Rick Santorum's home state of Pennsylvania....(Read Full Post)