Reviving the Mommy Wars

Hillary Clinton created a firestorm back in 1992 when she remarked in an interview that she guessed she could have just stayed home and baked cookies.  Fast forward to 2012 and Hilary Rosen - who has visited the White House more than 35 times - attacks Ann Romney, mother of five boys, for "never work[ing] a day in her life."  Just when we thought the left couldn't get more insensitive and condescending toward conservative women and derisive of the concept of motherhood, the Democrats' narrative about a supposed GOP "war on women" gets exposed to reveal the long-standing, patronizing, and extremely abusive feminist "war on conservative women." All it takes is a quick look at all the magazine features about "women of the year" or "outstanding women" to discover that the media elites and leftist women in politics and punditry have zero knowledge of the accomplishments of conservative women; nor do they understand or appreciate the contributions to society and the future of the...(Read Full Post)