Prosecutorial Profiling?

Reading Andrew McCarthy's dissection at NRO of the charging affidavit used in the  indictment of George Zimmerman inspired me to do a bit of legal research. McCarthy, an accomplished prosecutor described the Florida special prosecutor's affidavit thusly: This affidavit is not law, it is agitprop: invoking, for example, the explosive term "profiled" but carefully avoiding any discussion of what it means and failing to note that (a) there is no evidence of racial profiling, and (b) absent an invidious racial component there is nothing wrong with profiling (indeed, we want police to do it so that innocent people don't get hassled). I decided to look into the legal basis of that term profile and here's what I found:  At the federal government's online legal glossary site, there is no listing for profile or profiling. nor is there a listing for racial profiling. While I could find no online glossary for the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit of Florida, which has jurisdiction in...(Read Full Post)