Occupy agitators have big plans next month and beyond

It could be a long hot summer.  Residents of a downtown Chicago condo tower have received a letter from their landlord warning them that "they should move out for the weekend ... or risk being trapped inside by rioters" during next month's NATO summit. Fox News Chicago reports the potential for mayhem surrounding the May 20-21 conference puts anyone in the area of a planned protest at risk, noting that "NATO summits often draw crowds of thousands of protesters." The Condominium Association's letter states among other things that Given past protests in other cities and the potential for violence and damage, we are ... STRONGLY recommending that all residents find alternative places to stay during the conference.  [emphasis in the original] The G-8 summit was originally planned alongside the NATO summit, but the G-8 meeting was moved last month to Camp David, ostensibly to "provide an informal and intimate setting" as the White House described the move at the time. Since the...(Read Full Post)