Obama's Smoke-and-Mirrors Student Debt Campaign

President Obama is bringing his smoke-and-mirrors message to college campuses this week, as he hopes to again capture the youth vote in his bid to win reelection.  As the President heads to the University of North Carolina, University of Iowa, and the University of Colorado, student loans, and that Congress needs to keep their interest rates low, will be his central message.  Obama focusing on what the GOP-led Congress needs to do is a Red Herring to the real issue.  What college students and recent college graduates should be clamoring about is the lack of jobs available to them, a reality President Obama hopes is forgotten by these young minds. Earlier this year, Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce released a report indicating that the unemployment rate for recent college graduates was 8.9 percent.  That is a rather dismal figure indeed when you consider that this is the rate for the well-educated young twenty-somethings versus those...(Read Full Post)