Obama Cons Medicare Seniors to Gain Their Votes

As he tries to expand and extend his extra-constitutional Imperial Presidency, Mr. Obama has devised a new gimmick to fool tens of millions of the nation's seniors by hiding from the devastating effects on their health care insurance that will be inflicted by his ObamaCare takeover of the nation's medical delivery systems. A large portion of seniors on Medicare opt to participate in programs under what is known as Medicare Advantage.  Under these programs, the seniors receive broader benefits than under standard Medicare, need no supplementary Medigap policies at extra cost. The arrangement is based upon extra payments made to the Medicare Advantage providers and the limit on policyholders to  choices among lists of physicians who have agreed to accept lower-than-usual fees. Co-author of an op-ed in this morning's NY Post is Benjamin E. Sasse, a former US assistant secretary of health and president of Midland University. Along with co-author Charles Hurt, Sasse explains that...(Read Full Post)