Obama and Pre-existing Conditions

When I received my insurance license back in 1976, we were all taught that the financial viability of insurance companies was based on the exclusion of pre-existing conditions.  Otherwise people could get away without buying insurance for decades and wait until they are really sick to buy insurance.  Obama, never having worked in the insurance industry, is trying to pull down a pillar of its existence.  Without disallowing pre-existing conditions the industry falls down into the rubble of financial collapse. I wish we had a more experienced president.  Someone who wouldn't rail against the foundations of insurance and announce the unfairness of a necessary practice.  I wish we had an electorate who would turn from the President and not look back to gaze as the Wife of Lot did at Sodom and Gomorrah.  I wish we would recognize the sinful implications of Obama whispering to Medvedev that he will be able to deal with Putin on missile defense after the...(Read Full Post)