NoKo's could test nuke tonight

After the failure of their "Glorious" missile launch that was carried out in honor of the 100th birthday of their founder Kim Il Sung, the North Koreans were widely expected to rush preparations for another test of their nuclear bomb program. It looks like they won't disappoint us. MSNBC: North Korea could carry out an underground test of a nuclear weapon as early as Tuesday night as the North's reclusive leadership dramatically tries to up the stakes with the U.S. and the West, U.S. officials told NBC News. U.S. officials say North Korea may already have an arsenal between 12 and a "few dozen" far more advanced weapons, many more than generally believed. U.S. and South Korean intelligence agencies have been monitoring test preparations at P'unggye-yok, the North Korean test site near the Chinese border, for the past several weeks. As new evidence of tunneling emerged, officials began to see Army Day celebrations scheduled for Wednesday (Tuesday night in the U.S.) as a possible...(Read Full Post)