NoKo 'Glorious' rocket launch a glorious failure

How anti-climactic can you get? North Korea's plan to launch and ICBM with a "weather satellite" aboard ratcheted up tensions in the Far East over the last few days - especially in Japan and South Korea. The launch was supposed to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the birth of the founding maniac of North Korea, Kim Il Sung. It was also, some analysts say, designed to boost the fortunes of current maniac leader and grandson of the founder, Kim Jong-Un. But North Korean rockets have a bad habit of not performing as advertised. And this one was no different. Wall Street Journal: North Korea launched a multistage rocket Friday morning, again defying countries that want it to stop pursuing advanced weapons, but it blew up less than two minutes into flight and parts crashed in the Yellow Sea off South Korea. Despite the failure, the U.S. and its allies quickly condemned the launch, with the White House saying that a food agreement it had reached with Pyongyang in February was...(Read Full Post)