Myth-spinning greenies alienate the greatest myth-maker of our time

George Lucas is the newest victim of the green religion to recognize that there is no reasoning with religious fanatics intent on saving the world (and you), no matter what you want.  The film maker has been trying to build a new movie making facility in Marin County for 25 years, bending over backward to be a good neighbor, dedicating  enormous amounts of money to satisfy every demand. But the green fanatics would have none of it, and have endlessly stymied the development, which would be invisible from the highway, and would provide many high paying jobs and substantial tax revenue.  Just last week, they convinced the Marin Country Board of Supervisors to delay the project once again for even more studies. Peter Fimrite of the San Francisco Chronicle writes: Filmmaker George Lucas withdrew his plans Tuesday to build a giant mission-style movie-making palace in a pristine meadow in Marin County, blaming protesting neighbors for torpedoing what many believed would be...(Read Full Post)