Exploits Trayvon to Bring Down 1%

Van Jones' Rebuild the Dream organization issued a warning to the 1% -- they're "not going to like the 99% Spring." According to Jones' group 900 training sessions across the country inspired by the Arab Spring protest last year and the Occupy movement here in America have been set up. sent out emails soliciting participants willing to "confront tax-dodging millionaires, greedy Wall Street CEO's, politicians pushing voter suppression and politicians trying to buy our elections." One of MoveOn's organizers, Kathleen M, linked the start date for the training sessions, April 14, with Trayvon Martin protests scheduled for the same day. The wave of direct action I want to see spread this spring is already starting to build, not only where I live here in Denver but in places like Sanford, Florida, where students and young people are mobilizing on Monday-the first day of our nationwide trainings-to protest the injustice of the killing of Trayvon Martin. American Spring...(Read Full Post)