Mike Wallace, popularizer of the 'ambush interview,' dead at 93

Mike Wallace, a fixture on the CBS news program "60 Minutes" for 30 years died Saturday night at the age of 93. He was an early practioner of the "ambush interview" where he and his crew would wait for a subject to emerge or simply waylay the unfortunate wrongdoer and pepper him with questions that invariably showed the target to be evasive or downright mean. It's a tactic that was rightly criticized by journalists at the time and 60 Minutes eventually gave up on the tactic. But beyond that, Wallace was a relentless interviewer who could reduce a subject to a quivering pile of jello, or bring them to tears with a single query. Biased, opinionated, but with a rough integrity that stood up over time, Wallace didn't care about party or ideology - he went after everybody. His famous interview with Ted Kennedy in 1980 on the eve of the senator's announcement for president is a case in point. The Kennedy team wanted an interview with family friend Wallace thinking it would be a softball...(Read Full Post)