Liberals Litter on Earth Day

There are many things about liberals that are infuriating, but one of the most aggravating is their unabashed hypocrisy.  From the President of the United States to Earth Day revelers in a San Francisco park, what sets liberals apart from sane people is that they rarely do what they demand from everyone else.  It's almost as if the left's ideology embraced a tenet that if you preach about it, and if you look and talk the part, you're instantly exempt from actually doing what it is you promote. In other words, liberals are like grown up Boy Scouts who love to wear the uniform and recite the oath, but refuse to live by it. That talk-but-won't-walk tendency is exemplified when the President talks down the moneyed class and then fills his campaign coffers with gifts from rich people.  It's Michelle Obama hawking healthy food and publicly eating anything but.  It's the mentality that tries to force generosity by way of government mandate on people who already give,...(Read Full Post)