Liberals abuse Twitter spam protection by targeting conservative users

There's a budding war in the Twitterverse as liberals are evidently carrying out organized attacks on conservative Twitter users by reporting their tweets as "spam," thus triggering an automated block on their accounts. Apparently, a threshold has to be crossed as far as the number of tweets for the system to kick in, as well as the number of spam reports in order to ban the user so not all conservative Twitter activists are vulnerable. But several high profile conservatives have had their accounts blocked and trying to get them reinstated is proving to be a difficult matter. But Chris Loesch, husband of talk radio host Dana Loesch has been banned, reinstated, and banned again several times in the last 48 hours. While Twitter executives sleep on the job, conservatives online are battling not only Loesch's suspension, but the suspension of more than a dozen -- and possibly dozens, if not hundreds more -- innocent conservative social-media users who appear to have been maliciously...(Read Full Post)