Kabul, 3 eastern provinces, hit by coordinated Taliban attacks

It's the start of the annual Taliban "spring offensive" but this one appears to have been pretty audacious. The enemy attacked the capital city of Kabul and 3 eastern provinces with many coordinated attacks that included suicide bombers and well planned ambushes. New York Times: Taliban suicide bombers and gunmen barraged the diplomatic quarter and the Parliament in the Afghan capital for hours on Sunday and struck at least three eastern provinces as well, in a complex attack clearly designed to undermine confidence in NATO and Afghan military gains. Though the overall death toll was low, with only six victims reported across four provinces, they were among the most audacious coordinated terrorist attacks here in recent years. More than 10 hours after the initial explosions, there was still sporadic gunfire in the capital, Kabul. The police kept parts of the city cordoned off, and the airport was closed to traffic, underscoring that although the attackers were relatively...(Read Full Post)