Justice for Trayvon...and Only Trayvon

Justice for Trayvon by Charles M. Blow, columnist for the New York Times (where else?). The tears begin with the opening paragraph: A boy's blood had been spilled on a rain-soaked patch of grass behind a row of mustard-colored condominiums by a man who had pursued him against the advice of 911 dispatchers. That man carried a 9-millimeter handgun. The boy carried a bag of candy. The cascade of lacromosity quickly turns into a tsunami: Americans saw the anguish of the boy's father and the tears of his mother. America saw a child who was its own. America saw its concept of basic fairness sinking in to the marsh of miscarried justice. What Blow is really demanding is not justice at all but "social justice" (hereinafter called socialjusticeism), an utterly bogus leftist propaganda term that turns the authentic, historic definition of justice on its head: socialjusticeism is not justice for anybody, accused or accusers; it is injustice for all those whom the left hates. Nor should anybody...(Read Full Post)