Jihadists in Syria getting busier

Michael Totten has been tracking the growing presence of extremists who have come to Syria to wage holy war against President Assad: This was all but inevitable: Activists and rebel soldiers based inside Syria say a small but growing number of Islamist radicals affiliated with global jihadi movements have been arriving in opposition strongholds in recent weeks and attempting to rally support among disaffected residents. Western diplomats say they have tracked a steady trickle of jihadists flowing into Syria from Iraq, and Jordan's government last week detained at least four alleged Jordanian militants accused of trying to sneak into Syria to join the revolutionaries. [...] Some from the same crowd wanted to help out in Kosovo, too, but the Kosovars told them to get lost. They had help from the US and NATO and neither needed nor wanted help from radical Islamists. Bonsia and Kosovo are on the periphery of the Muslim world, but Syria is right in the heart of it. The longer the...(Read Full Post)