HuffPo is at it again

On April 9, it published a piece that discussed a pseudo-psychological study, where the results reportedly demonstrated that conservatives utilize "low-level" thinking when engaging the political sphere. This followed up a previous piece that stated conservatives, generally, are of lower intelligence than those on the left. According to the "study," researchers "tested" people in a bar, and later, in a lab. Distractions, they said, made people more receptive to conservative thought. This supposed study is nothing more than a method for promoting what is already a corrupt and debased form of "thought." First, it is incredibly flippant for a group of "scientists" -- as well as the Huffington Post -- to be so dismissive of adherents to a particular philosophy. A bar, for instance, is not a controlled environment. And they did not publish what kinds of questions they asked. A man who is having a few drinks with friends will likely only give cursory responses to the "scientist." But such...(Read Full Post)