Holocaust Remembrance Day: Remembering One and Multiplying by 6 Million

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day, but how do we remember the unfathomable? Six million people is beyond our mental grasp. So just imaging if there were graves for the six million victims of the Holocaust and they were set next to each other. The graveyard would stretch almost 6,200 miles, more than the distance from New York to Los Angeles. As it may be easier to remember one and multiply by six million. I will share the story of one person, David, mother's brother. They lived in Sosnowiec, Poland. David was the youngest of five children. Bright and street savvy, red-headed, blue-eyed David loved American westerns and entertained his family with his imitations of cowboy heroes. He got down the drawl and walk of these heroes who existed in a world where the good guys win. David was only eight when the Nazis marched into Sosnowiec Poland and turned a clear autumn day into permanent night. In 1938, he was just seven years old when there were rumbles of a war and rumors of...(Read Full Post)