Hilary Rosen's Class Warfare Tactic

The Obama campaign has taken a calculated hit on stay at home moms and everyone is outraged!  Don't be fooled -- this was planned.Inappropriate, insensitive, politically incorrect comments made by a professional public relations person closely associated with Obama administration are being portrayed as a huge mistake damaging the re-election prospects of President Obama as he seeks to win favor with women voters.  He's cooked his goose, according to some media pundits.    Hilary Rosen's criticism that Ann Romney is ill equipped to advise Romney on economic matters as a women who has never worked a day in her life was not only calculated and purposeful, it was the sentiment of many working women.   We should consider it all in light of the fact that most women work.My first reaction was not outrage or insult, as a stay at home mom and now grandmother, but to question:  why was this planted? Perhaps Rosen volunteered to become a scapegoat or villain so that...(Read Full Post)