Hilary Rosen's and NOW's Karma Ate Their Dogma

One of the last callers to Rush Limbaugh's show yesterday was a woman who asked a great question: If the Democrats can criticize Mrs. Romney for not working outside the home (and Ann Romney has MS and is a cancer survivor as well), then why don't the Democrats criticize women on welfare for not working outside the home? But, as the late Billy Mays used to say, wait, there's more. Younger readers may not remember a button sold in big cities at the height of the Women's Liberation Movement in the 1970s which said "Every Mother Is A Working Mother." But NOW hasn't forgotten those buttons because here is one of them proudly displayed at the National Organization of Women's website in connection with their current political campaign for "mothers' economic rights." Yes, NOW uses this slogan as a starting point for an argument for government subsidies, yet the original slogan has a power and viewpoint all of its own by its being a statement against the demeaning of women who do much work at...(Read Full Post)