Green Energy Fuzzy Math

From Energy Biz: "Renewable energy generation has grown nationally by 27% in the past three years, largely due to federal policy support and favorable tax policies, recently released data show." The numbers speak for themselves - notwithstanding politically-inspired criticism, the pro-renewable energy policies pioneered by the Obama Administration have generated dramatic growth rates during the past three years, vastly outpacing those of all other energy sources," said Ken Bossong, Executive Director of the SUN DAY Campaign. No.  The numbers don't speak for themselves! First, according to the EIA information being used, Figure 10.1, they lump in all renewables, which include hydroelectric, as the number-one source (unaffected by Obama), and wood and biofuels as numbers two and three (both emit CO2 like crazy).  Together, these constitute 78% of all the renewables.  Yes, renewables have grown, but the underlying messages 1) that it's all because of Obama and 2)...(Read Full Post)