Governor knows best?

Once again a liberal is letting his sense of moral superiority show. Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Mallory reportedly is about to sign a bill ending the death penalty in that state, despite the fact most residents of the Nutmeg State support it.  Even though the bill would not apply to the 11 inhabitants of death row  awaiting the reaper, Shannon Young of AP writes that Tom C. Foley, the Republican candidate who ran against Malloy in the 2010 gubernatorial election told her that the governor could face public backlash if the 11 current death row inmates, who are not affected by the repeal, use it as a new avenue for appeal. There is a reason the public in Connecticut is sensitive to the possibility that death row inmates may be able to die a natural death in the cells via endless appeals. The reason is the memory of the horrifyingly brutal rape-torture-murder of the Petit family in Cheshire by Steven Hayes and Joshua...(Read Full Post)